Board & Special Interest Groups

Friday, June 30th 2023

ESPAC breakout meeting EPC 2023 (Liechtenstein)
Chair: John Neoptolemos (Heidelberg, Germany)

ESPAC trial overview 
John Neoptolemos (Heidelberg, Germany)

ESPAC translational research programme overview 
Peter Bailey (Lisbon, Portugal)

ESPAC signature overview
Roma Kurilov (Heidelberg, Germany)

ESPAC sample logistics 
Teresa Peccerella (Heidelberg, Germany)

ESPAC and GCP working group
William Greenhalf (Liverpool, UK)

ESPAC METAPAC results [circulating biomarker working group]
Julia Mayerle (Munich, Germany)

ESPAC secondary screening for PDAC [circulating biomarker working group]
Eithne Costello (Liverpool, UK)

ESPAC therapy-induced evolution working group
Xu Zhou (Lisbon, Portugal)

ESPAC PDO working group
Maximilian Reichert (Munich, Germany)

COST project workshop (August Friedrich von Hayek)
Chair: Federico Canzian (Heidelberg, Germany), Daniele Campa (Pisa, Italy)

Introduction to PANDoRA and COST TRANSPAN
Federico Canzian (Heidelberg, Germany)

Peripheral and portal venous KRAS ctDNA detection in pancreatic cancer
Christine Nitschke (Hamburg, Germany)

PSCA-rs2976395 and pancreatic cancer development
Chiara Corradi (Pisa, Italy)

Physical activity and pancreatic cancer risk
Riccardo Farinella (Pisa, Italy)

Uncommon genetic alterations and risk of pancreatic cancer
Pelin Ünal (Heidelberg, Germany)

Exposome and genome interactions and pancreatic cancer
Giulia Peduzzi (Pisa, Italy)

Risk factors for impaired nutritional status in pancreatic cancer patients
Bettina Budai (Budapest, Hungary)

IGF-1 and IGFBP-2 levels in chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer
Barbara Wlodarczyk (Łódź, Poland)

Exosome-mediated communication between pancreatic cancer and Schwann cells
Didem Karakaş Zeybek (Istanbul, Turkey)

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